Minumum Accuracy

The purpose of the minimum accuracy (min_accuracy) configuration is to serve as a safety mechanism against drops in accuracy.
In the event of an accuracy decrease within a predefined time limit, Redefine has designed a strategy to address the potential for missing tests. The min_accuracy configuration parameter ensures that test execution continues until the desired level of accuracy is attained. This helps mitigate scenarios where an unexpectedly long test duration or drastic changes in the testing infrastructure lead to insufficient test coverage within the predefined Time Limit.
Redefine recommends using the min_accuracy as a safety net to ensure optimal test coverage. When configuring Minumum Accuracy alognside Time Limit, Redefine will ensure that both conditions are met.
To set the min_accuracy, run the following command:
redefine config set min_accuracy=<min_accuracy> # e.g. 0.95

Minimum Accuracy without Time Limit

Using min_accuracy without time_limit can lead to inconsistent CI feedback time for developers and fluctuating resource usage. This can result in a less optimal experience than using both arguments as defined above.