Verification Examples

The example below shows a successful run of the Redefine verify command, as well as two failure cases to give you an idea of what might go wrong during the verification process:

                Redefine Verifier                 
➤ Environment Verifications:
	✓ OS: linux
	i CI Platform: JENKINS
		✓ CI Type: ci_run_id (env name: BUILD_TAG): build-tag=123
		✓ CI Type: pipeline_name (env name: JOB_NAME): job-name
		✓ CI Type: job_name (env name: STAGE_NAME): stage-name
		✓ CI Type: git_path (env name: WORKSPACE): /home/user/project
		✓ CI Type: source_branch (env name: GIT_BRANCH): my_git_branch
	✓ Redefine Auth: Successfully generated authentication token
	✓ Server Access: Successfully connected to redefine server
➤ Python Verifications:
	✓ Python Version: 3.10.6
	✓ Pytest Version: 7.0.1
	✓ Python Packages: Found 349 packages installed
	i Python Packages:
		~ Python Packages: Package `pytest-6` is not officially supported
		~ Python Packages: Package `pytest-durations` is not officially supported
	i Redefine Requirement:
		i Redefine Requirements: Redefine pytest plugin will install coralogix-logger version: <3.0.0,>=2.0.5
	~ Coralogix Requirements: Found the python package `coralogix-logger` is installed,if you encounter any issues, make sure to set `redefine config set pytest_coralogix_disabled=true`
➤ Git Verifications:
	✓ Git: Git: Successfully found git
	✓ Git Repository: /home/user/project
	✓ Git Remote: Single remote found - origin
	✓ Git Stable Branch: Stable Branch: main
	✓ Git: Environment git verification passed for git repo: /home/user/project

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