AI Slack Notifications

Get alerted to issues in real time with instant Slack notifications that include a full stack trace when a test fails. Quickly troubleshoot and rerun CI, without having to wait through time-consuming testing cycles. Effortlessly regain momentum by clicking "Suggest a Fix" to receive an AI-generated solution based on the advanced GPT model. Optimize your development workflow and reduce downtime with our cutting-edge capabilities.

Install 📦

To install the Redefine Integration for Slack, navigate to and click on the "Open in Slack" button.

Enable Slack Configuration ⚙️

To enable AI Slack Notifications, you also need to configure Redefine tool to send the messages from the CI. Run the following command before starting Redefine in your CI workflow:

redefine config set slack_bot_enabled=true

Subscribe ✍🏽

Upon successful installation in your workspace, a subscription prompt will appear. Enter your email address and press the 'enter' key. You will then receive a verification email. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the subscription process, and you will be subscribed to the Redefine integration for Slack.

Developers who wish to subscribe can do so by executing one of the following commands:

  1. /redefine-subscribe - Opens the subscription dialog.

  2. /redefine-invite - This command sends a personal invitation to subscribe to each member in the channel. For private channels, make sure you've added Redefine's app to the channel first.

Enjoy 🔔

After subscribing, you will automatically receive notifications for any failures in your Redefine testing sessions as they occur within the Continuous Integration (CI) environment. Notifications include a stack trace, information about the commit, branch, and test, as well as the Redefine + OpenAI "Suggest a Fix" feature, which offers a potential solution to the specific failure.

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